World Hypertension League – COVID-19 Guidance for People with Hypertension

30 de março de 2020 às 10:14

Dear WHL Members and Colleagues,

In order to provide some guidance to people with hypertension on how to best protect themselves from the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, the World Hypertension Executive has created the attached documents, “COVID-19 Guidance for People with Hypertension“, based on studies currently available, and translated so far into Chinese and Italian, for your distribution. We will continue to send updated communiques as we process new information and receive more translated text during this rapidly evolving global disease threat, as well as try to review any questions or input you may have.


The WHL Executive
Dr. Xin Hua Zhang, President
Dr. Paul Whelton, President Elect
Dr. Marcelo Orias, Vice President
Dr. Daniel Lackland, Past President
Dr. Gianfranco Parati, Secretary General
Dr. C Venkata Ram, Treasurer